Sep 8, 2013

Gord Bamford Garners Five Awards at 2013 CCMAs

Sunday, September 8, 2013

(Edmonton, AB) No matter how bright his rising star continues to shine, Gord Bamford stays true to his self-effacing cowboy persona after dominating the 2013 Canadian Country Music Association Awards (CCMA), held in Edmonton, Alberta tonight.

He credited his success to those who have made him the country singer he is today: his family and friends.

Tomorrow morning, Bamford will wake up as Canada’s leading male country artist for 2013.  Bamford won in the following categories: CMT Video of the YearSingle of the YearAlbum of the Year (presented by Wal-Mart), Songwriter of the Year, and Record Producer(s) of the Year (For The Boom Chucka Boys – The Boom Chucka Boys).

“I try to stay true to the country style I love by writing simple songs with a melodic style that my fans can relate to. Those songs you write from personal experience are often the ones that speak the most to fans, as they evoke those familiar emotions we all have gone through,” says Bamford, referring to the new CCMA Single of the Year ‘Leaning on a Lonesome Song’. Bamford wrote the track with Nashville writers Buddy Owens and Ray Stephenson, after learning of his brother-in-law’s suicide.

Byron Hill, respected Nashville singer/songwriter and co-record producer with Bamford, said about the ‘Leaning on a Lonesome Song’: “It’s just a good solid Country song with traditional roots, yet sounds a little different. It gives a historic genre one more facet to the diamond that it already is.”

The Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) also awarded Bamford and Hill with Producer of the Year award on Friday, September 6 for their collaborative effort on behalf of the new talented group “The Boom Chucka Boys”. Hill says the key to the success of their partnership is the mutual respect of each other’s abilities.

“Somehow our individual contributions to the process have continued to improve the combined result,” explains Hill, who made the trip to Edmonton from his home in Nashville, TN. “There is a need to stay connected to the roots of what Gord is and where he started, but move it a bit forward as well. We both understand this, so I can’t help but think each album is just going to get better and better. On a personal level, you gotta like a guy you can scrap it out with creatively in the studio, but he gets you in a bear-hug at the end of the day and tells you how much he appreciates you! That’s Gord.”

Bamford is a previous 11-time CCMA winner.  This year’s wins for ‘Is It Friday Yet’ can be added to the 2012  CCMA awards the album garnered Bamford and Hill for Producer(s) of the Year and Songwriter(s) of the Year for ‘Is It Friday Yet’ (written by Gord Bamford/Roger Brown/Byron Hill; performed by Gord Bamford).

Bamford’s sixth studio album, and second release on Sony Music Canada, Country Junkie is set for release on October 8th, 2013. The first single “When Your Lips Are So Close” drops to radio stations across Canada on Monday, September 9th. This album is the sixth collaborative effort from Bamford and Hill.  “After producing many albums with Gord, and just when I thought I knew everything Gord could do, it happened again….something new and fresh, and no doubt the best yet. Gord Bamford has the amazing ability to evolve, sense where his fans want to go, and take us all along with him. It’s like we’re all headed down the road together and Gord’s behind the wheel showing us all a great time!” says Hill.

Two members from Bamford’s band were also winners at this year’s All Star Band awards: Ben Bradley won for Drums and Allison Granger won for Fiddle. Bamford and his team were nominated in a total of 11 CCMA award categories.

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Gord Bamford and Buddy Owens

Gord Bamford and Buddy Owens accept the Songwriter of the Year award they co-wrote with Ray Stephenson. “His humble and likable approach is one of his key attributes that endears him to people every time!” says respected Nashville singer/songwriter Byron Hill.